About the Program

1.There are two ways of training: visual and audio. Visual training=written exercise, student has to print and do the exercises with abacus. Audio training=listening exercise, student has to turn on the computer, listen to the mp3 file, do it with abacus and write down the answer.

2.Audio answer sheet is provided.

3.Answers for visual exercises will be provided, answers for audio exercises will be read after the questions.

4.Abacus must be used for all questions no matter how easy it is, except its' been mentioned.

5.Students over ten years old have the tendency to do it in their own way which is not good.

6.There are lot of no abacus exercise to practice after a few months.

7.In order to have great result, 1 page of written exercise and 1 page of listening exercise are suggested for everyday, of course practice more is better.

8.Record the number of mistakes you make each day will see the progress clearly.

9.Daily practice, do written exercise first then do listening exercise.

10.Answer checking should be done by parent, after each page.

11.Exercise involving new skills, it is better to do written exercise first (2-3 days) before doing listening exercise, for listening is harder.

About Learning Procedure

1.Students younger than 8 years old might need some help from their parents.

2.All skills involved have been recorded as mp4 video. Students can watch it accordingly.

3.The teaching video or revision videos can be watched anytime when student need help or has some difficulties.

About Test and Exam

1.Each level has 2 tests in the middle and 1 examination to conclude it.

2.70% is required to pass a test or exam.

3.When young student do their test or exam, parents should be present.

About the Cost and Service

1.US$650 (includes cost of abacus + shipping) for level 10 which is the beginning level, US$50 more for each level promotion.

2.50% can be refunded within 30 days, 25% can be refunded within 60 days if you change your mind. No refund after 2 months.

3.All payment made by paypal when sign up to each level.

4.Virtual class will be provided once a month, questions or concerns can be asked by email, it will be answered within 24 hours.

About Progressing

1.Each level might takes 5-8 months to finish. It depends on your age, ability, motivation, family support and attitude.

2.Minimum and maximum length of each level is four and twelve months.

3.Each level has to be finished within one year.

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